Injuries to the Back – £990 to £126,500

 £990 – £3,200 may be awarded for soft tissue back injuries, including strains, sprains and disc prolapses, where the victim has fully recovered within a year.

Up to £5,800 for the same where the victim has fully recovered within two years.

Up to £9,100 for the same where the victim has fully recovered within five years.

£9,100 – £20,350 may be awarded for soft tissue injuries that disturb ligaments and muscles and cause backache; or where injuries exacerbate existing back problems, result in surgery for the removal of prolapsed discs or cause repeated relapses.

£20,350 – £28,350 may be awarded for moderate but constant pain or discomfort, including impairment of sexual functions, that results from crush fractures, displacement of vertebrae that may require spinal fusion and substantial risk of osteoarthritis, or a prolapsed intervertebral disc that significantly accelerates degeneration of the back.

£28,350 – £50,900 may be awarded for constant severe pain that is not cured by treatment for disc lesions; or for fractures of discs or vertebrae, resulting in impaired movement, loss of sexual function, psychiatric problems, inability to find employment, or the risk of arthritis.

£59,400 approximately may be awarded for serious back injuries that may result in incontinence, severe impairment to sexual function, prominent scarring or the possibility that future surgery may be required.

£73,700 – £126,500 may be awarded for back injury which, while not causing paralysis, has extremely serious consequences normally associated with orthopaedic back injuries, including impotence or double incontinence.

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